FAQs Regarding a Tom Jones Impersonation Show

Over the past year, it seems that we are frequently asked the same questions concerning a Tom Jones  impersonation show. So we decided to keep track and then to post the FAQs right here so that hopefully you get the answers that you are seeking. Now we know that everyone will have othe questions and we encourage you to get in touch with us. That we can get them answered for you. But yours might just get added to the list of FAQs – frequently asked questions… right here

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does Jeff perform?
    The show is normally two 45 minutes sets with a 15 minute intermission. But we are willing to build a show around your needs. Please feel free to contact us with your needs or any questions you might have. If you think you might what to do just one set of Tom Jones and the other set as a variety show, we can also do that.
  • Is Jeff in Costume?
    Depending on what show you booked. Most shows it is requested that Jeff be in costume. But we will work around your requirements.
  • What type of costume does he wear?
    He normally starts out wearing leather shirt and pants, like Tom’s earlier performances..  During the intermission, he changes into a tux, more like Tom’s later performances.
  • Does he sell CD’s?
    Yes, a table with CDs is set up near the stage.  During intermission and after the performance, Carol sells Jeff’s CDs.  After Jeff’s performance is over, he comes out and autographs the CDs for the guests. He is also available for your guests to chat with and take pictures with after the show
  • How far will he travel to do a show?
    Jeff will travel throughout the USA, Canada, and even worldwide.  Jeff travels all over the country so if you are interested in having him do a show, just call or email him.  He may even be in your area!!